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This entry is for requests so if you'd like me to make you your very own icon then leave a comment to this post and I'll get on the case as soon as I can.

However, there are

1. Please provide me with a picture (URL) and give me as much information as you can if you have anything specific in mind. (colours, text, an aversion to tiny text etc, you want the icon in a similar style to one I've already made. {tell me which one obviously.}) Otherwise if left to my own devices I cannot be blamed for what occurs :)

2. You must CREDIT tempest_icons. It's only fair now isn't? I'm not doing this for the benefit of my health. Sorry if that sounds snotty, I know most of you do credit iconmakers but there are the odd bad eggs which spoil it. If you're not sure how to credit icons then see my profile for a ickle guide here or ask me in a comment to this post.

5. If you've provided an image, don't delete it from your server until you've received your icon. I'll try and get your icon done as soon as possible but they're not going take priority over my usual icon posts for the other members. I may suspend requests so I can deal with the ones I have already but I'll edit this post to keep you informed of whether the status is open or closed.

Requests are CLOSED

♥ Laura xx

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