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here be pinkness

Here be pinkness.....
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Tempest Icons


Welcome to Tempest Icons! Here you find icon posts of many wondermous fandoms. On occasion I may post screencaps, wallpapers, tutorials, scans, brushes and textures, moodthemes. A list of which you will find in the memories.

current Layout ~ features caps from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire courtesy of sparklies.
Layout graphics created by tempest_icons.
Original layout overrides by reversescollide.

rules of use

Really all I ask for are comments and credit. I'm not a taskmaster, it's just a little bit of decency goes a long way y'know? See this post for a simple guide on how to credit. It's painless and easy to do and there's no excuse for not giving due credit to iconmakers. I give my thanks to everyone who credits properly.

+ Don't hotlink. This is the most important point to me, if you hotlink off my server then eventually my bandwidth will blow and so will all the icons on my journal, including the one you've hotlinked. It may be some weeks before the images are back online so it's easier not to hotlink in the first place.

There are wonderful free servers like photobucket and my new favourite charitypixel, another free host who donate 40% of their profits through advertising to charities.


A list of all my resources are here.

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